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Simon Clarke MP and Cllr Mieka Smiles: Join the Nunthorpe Community Speed Watch

Volunteers are being asked to help deter speeding motorists in Nunthorpe by signing up to a new Community Speed Watch.
Spearheaded by Cllr Mieka Smiles, Deputy Mayor and Conservative councillor for Nunthorpe, the Community Speed Watch will see residents join a growing team of volunteers to record the speed of passing motorists.  
The information gathered will then be used to bring forward fines and potentially prosecutions for drivers putting others in danger by speeding.
Cllr Smiles was joined by Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland’s Conservative MP, Simon Clarke, and officers from Cleveland Police to check the speed of motorists travelling along Nunthorpe’s Guisborough Road.  
Cllr Smiles said: “Speeding is an issue that threatens the safety of everybody who uses our roads. 
“And it was after a number of residents contacted Simon Clarke’s office via his residents’ survey to express concerns over speeding on Guisborough Road that Simon and I worked together with Cleveland Police to arrange the Community Speed Watch.
“In Nunthorpe we’re aware of speeding motorists on the main throughways such as Guisborough Road, Mallowdale and The Avenue.
“My inbox is always full of people from Nunthorpe saying how bad the speeding situation is on Guisborough Road in particular which is why we met there with officers from Cleveland Police to operate our first community speed watch on Guisborough Road.
“This is one way that we can tackle speeding so what we’re looking for is volunteers to come forward and help us and also offer suggestions for future locations. 
“So if you would like to come and help with checking the speed of passing vehicles and then working towards getting prosecutions and fines – that would be fantastic.”
Simon Clarke MP, said: “Absolutely this is going to have to be a community effort. The police can’t be here every day for understandable reasons.
“If this is going to work it is going to require volunteers from the community to come and step up.I know from the surveys we put out, there’s a lot of appetite and interest in this. So hopefully lots of people will get involved.”
Volunteers who would like to get involved in the Nunthorpe Community Speed Watch should email Cllr Mieka Smiles at