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The proroguing of government is unlawful and undemocratic

Local Redcar Coucillor Carl Quatermain, speaks out regarding the proroguing of government. Cllr Quartermain said:

“What a calamitous situation this has become. If this illegal prorogation continues it means parliament would have been largely inactive for four months. Commons business has been squeezed and moved quickly to compensate for long inactive periods, leaving little time for MPs to digest information and deliberate.

“There are Bills waiting to be passed and items waiting to be resolved and these delays are harmful to all the valiant work being done on issues aside from and as well as Brexit. The proroguing of government is unlawful and undemocratic with the question that the PM has misled the Queen. The more this elitist PM overstretches his will, the more he is exposed as the danger he is.

“The PM and his government are not working in the best interest of the country and the people. They are not fit to govern. We need to see parliament recalled and a vote of no confidence cast against them to allow a coalition government of all parties to form and lead the way forward in a more sensible, less dramatic or time sensitive manner until the country is stable and a general election can be called.”