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Residents at risk of losing their home urged to get in touch as eviction ban ends

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council is urging residents at risk of losing their home, to get in touch with the Housing Advice and Information Team, following the ending of the Government’s eviction ban.

The emergency measures that came into effect last year to protect those hit financially by the Covid-19 pandemic have now ended and landlords are able to serve eviction notices again.

Eviction notice periods which were extended to six months as an emergency measure during the pandemic have been set at four months from 1 June. Should lockdown restrictions ease as planned, notice periods will return to how they were before the pandemic from 1 October, which is usually two months.

Anyone who is at risk of homelessness is encouraged to get in touch with the Housing Advice and Information team on 01287 612444. It is important to get in touch as soon as possible as this may make homelessness easier to prevent.

Landlords who are considering serving notice are also encouraged to contact the team as they may be able to help them avoid serving an eviction notice by dealing with tenancy issues early. This may avoid lengthy and costly legal challenges and help keep properties tenanted.

Councillor Steve Kay, Cabinet Member for Health, Housing and Welfare at Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, said: “The coronavirus pandemic has left many people struggling to pay the rent and while eviction may seem like a quick solution for landlords, alternatives should be considered.

“The Council is committed to keeping tenants in their home wherever possible by working with both landlords and tenants to help them work through any tenancy issues. If your home is at risk, it is important to get in touch with the team as soon as possible to give them the best opportunity of being able to work with you.”

The Housing Advice and Information team can be contacted on 01287 612444.