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Redcar proves it really is mighty.

The Mighty Redcar is a term that has been banded about many times since the programme aired. The area has seen many dividing issues from Brexit to how local crime is handled, leaders squabbling and friends falling out.

However, now we are in times not seen by most of us in our lifetimes. How does Redcar and its people react? Like a truly mighty community. Over the last few weeks social media has been flooded with people wanting to help, many not knowing how just to simply help.

From people just buying a few extra essentials to deliver to people in need to whole groups of people coming together to find ways they can make others life that little easier over the coming weeks.

The offers of help are increasing every single day, local businesses, sole traders, community groups, individuals and a range of other groups are coming forward to ease the anxiety of members of the, “At risk” groups that are already in self isolation and lockdown.  

There are far too many social media posts to mention them all, however one that really pulled at the heart strings yesterday read like this.

“I can’t buy any groceries as I am struggling financially myself, I can’t deliver goods as I don’t have a car, but what I can do is offer my time. I am a fit young woman, who can take dogs for a walk or pick up a prescription. I’m eager to help in any way I can. “

We are truly honored to live and work in this community. Redcar take a bow.

Here are a few groups we have been invited to that could help you or a loved one through the coming weeks:

Get the latest Coronavirus advice from the NHS:

Someone to talk to?

We are currently compiling a list of volunteers that can be simply just be available via a phone for an elderly self-isolated resident to chat to. Can you help? You fill in the form and we will add you to the list.