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Redcar and Cleveland Labour elect new leader after Cllr Carl Quartermain stands down

Following a special meeting tonight the Labour Group in Redcar and Cleveland have elected Councillor Alec Brown as the new leader of the group following the resignation of Councillor Carl Quartermain.

The Labour Group would like to thank Councillor Quartermain for all his hard work and persistence in delivering the Labour message across Redcar and Cleveland. His unwavering passion and drive, has been an example to us all. We are all saddened that Carl has taken the decision to stand down, however we know he will continue to fight for Coatham with his usual drive and vigour.

Moving forward, the Redcar and Cleveland Group are delighted to have elected Cllr Alec Brown as our new leader. He has the groups full support and confidence as he leads us towards the local elections in 2023. Alec’s drive and passion for improving our borough will be a huge asset to the group.

Councillor Quartermain said,

“With much sadness, I am standing down as leader of the Labour Group for Redcar and Cleveland.

“I have accepted a new employment opportunity that will see me out of the region for long periods making it impractical to continue in my current role. As the leader of the group, it is important to be completely dedicated, to work hard for the region, to be answerable and to hold the administration, partnership authorities and the government to account. I will no longer have that capacity and so it is right that I step aside and make way for someone who has.

“I am therefore absolutely delighted that Councillor Alec Brown has been selected to lead the Labour Group going forward. Alec has worked extremely hard for the party, often behind the scenes, holding multiple roles over the past six years, including Deputy Leader. I have every confidence in him and wish him all the very best as the new Labour leader.

“Finally, it has been an absolute honour to have led the Labour Group in Redcar and Cleveland. I would like to give thanks to all who have supported me, to my Labour Group colleagues particularly for their spirit and support throughout my leadership and their adaptability during the pandemic; to the Labour Party, the wider community and residents for their continuous encouragement, good humour and positive energy. Thank you all, it has been a great experience and one of the highlights of my political life to date.”

Cllr Alec Brown said, 

“It was deeply regrettable that Cllr Carl Quartermain took the decision to stand down as the group leader. Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the dedication that Carl applied during his tenure. I along with the rest of the group, wish Carl the very best for any future endeavours.

“I would like to move on to thanking the Labour Group for their support, to lead the group is an honour and a role I intend on embracing head on. This group of Councillors carry out some terrific work in their communities, we have so much to be proud of as a group.

“The Labour Group, will continue to effectively scrutinise and challenge the current controlling administration at Redcar and Cleveland Council under my leadership. Protecting our residents from poor policy decisions, is and remains one my and the groups utmost priorities.

“Leading the group in to the next local elections is a challenge that excites me, every day, Labour Councillors and activists are dedicating themselves to improving life for all our communities and residents across Redcar and Cleveland.

“My leadership will be focused on what we are doing and what our future plans will be for the borough. Whilst Conservative policy remains to spin the phrase, “levelling up” continuously to meet any question asked of them, your local Labour team will be, knocking on your door, fighting to get those ward improvements, fighting to keep local amenities open and most important of all, listening to the people that matter, our residents.”