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New parking restrictions to be enforced at popular beauty spot

RESIDENTS of Newton-under-Roseberry are welcoming new restrictions on parking, which are to be enforced on the A173 – the road passing beneath local landmark, Roseberry Topping.

Increases in roadside parking have shot up since 2020, causing both safety and access concerns for residents and road users alike. Through-traffic is being brought regularly to a standstill by the lack of passing space caused by parked vehicles and pedestrians making their way along the main road itself.

To combat this potentially dangerous situation and relieve stress on residents, a “No Waiting at Any Time” (double yellow lines) restriction will be in put in place along the length of the A173, from the North Yorkshire boundary to the northern side of the picturesque village.

The plans, expected to be in force from 21st June 2021, include Residents’ Only parking zones in front of Roseberry View Cottages and along Church Lane, the road leading to St. Oswald’s Church and further residential properties opposite The King’s Head Inn. These zones should alleviate blockage of the lane, which was causing issues for larger vehicles requiring access to properties and farms.

Cabinet Member for Highways, Neighbourhoods & Transport, Julie Craig, said:

“Newton-under-Roseberry and Roseberry Topping are stunning areas of natural beauty which will inevitably draw visitors and walking enthusiasts from miles around. Whilst we want people to continue to enjoy the area, we cannot allow the potential for accidents to increase in the way it is doing, and residents’ needs, along with everyone’s safety, must be a priority.”

Special arrangements are to be put in place to accommodate church services at St. Oswald’s Church, and one extra residents’ parking layby is being considered for the future.