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Motorists encouraged to ‘switch off their engines’ at Redcar Railway Crossing

Signs reminding motorists to switch off their engines while waiting at Redcar Railway Crossing have been installed on West Dyke Road and Redcar Lane in Redcar.
It is hoped that the new signage will reduce air pollution in the area especially as leaving a vehicle’s engine on while stationary, known as ‘idling’, can produce up to twice as many exhaust emissions as an engine in motion. These emissions contain many polluting gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide which are not only harmful for the environment, contributing to climate change, but they are also linked with lung diseases. The signs are intended to encourage motorists to contribute towards the ambition of a carbon neutral borough by 2030.
Cabinet Member for Climate Change and the Environment, Cllr Louise Westbury said: ‘Turning off your engine while your car is stationary might not seem to be a major act at first glance, but it makes indeed a remarkable difference. Idling does not only impact the environment, but also people’s health and for this reason we ask drivers to be mindful of this issue and respect the law by turning of their engines when it is required.
This will be a further step in our ambitious plan to make Redcar & Cleveland a carbon neutral area by 2030, and to achieve this we need to work with our community so we can all bring our contribution to create a green and safe space for the present and future generations.’