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Redcar Council leader, Cllr Lannigan “Led up a path” by the Tories

Redcar And Cleveland Council Leader Mary Lanigan who fronts the Independent/Liberal Democrat coalition yesterday stated in yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, she believes the government are going to pull back on their promise of funding. The leader said, “I feel we’ve sometimes been led along a path by central government” and “I’m quite sure they’re going to pull some of this funding back.”

In April 2021 however the leader was full of praise of the government saying; “It was a long, hard but fair negotiation” and “We are pleased that the Government recognised the unique circumstances under which we requested support and awarded grant funding.”

Redcar and Cleveland Council received ‘Exceptional Financial Support’ from the Government earlier this year due to the cost of a cyber attack in 2020 estimated to have cost £8.7m. One of the conditions for getting the £3.6m grant was that the authority would be audited in an ‘external assurance review’ alongside eight other councils.

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