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I absolutely stand by the Prime Minister

South Tees Conservatives react to Sue Gray Report with support for the under pressure Prime Minster.

Simon Clarke, Conservative MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, said: “I absolutely stand by the Prime Minister and I am very proud to serve in Boris’ Government.
“Boris has led us through this awful pandemic and his decisions have resulted in us being the most vaccinated nation in Europe.
“We are the first out of most restrictions and crucially of course, this is the Prime Minister who delivered Brexit, who honoured the promise that was made in a way which no one else, frankly, could or would have done and that’s what Teesside voted for, overwhelmingly.
“And crucially, this is the Prime Minister who’s delivering on our Levelling Up agenda. All the investment we’re seeing on Teesside, everything that Ben Houchen has been able to do for our area. 
“That’s because he’s got a Prime Minister behind him who is absolutely determined that places like Middlesbrough and Redcar and Darlington and Stockton, which had been left behind and ignored.
“This is why we have been given the opportunities like the freeport, and new exciting adventures like the Treasury coming to Teesside.
“These are the changes which will improve the life chances of a whole generation of Teessiders. Only Boris, frankly, would launch that agenda.
“I am incredibly proud to be one of his ministers. I think he’s
been a fantastic force for good in areas of the north like ours and I stand by him 100% in getting on with that important work.”
Jacob Young, Conservative MP for Redcar, said: “I welcome this report from Sue Gray which shows the culture in No.10 Downing Street clearly must change. The Prime Minister has apologised unreservedly, has outlined how he will act, and I believe now is the time to move on. 
“Boris has consistently got the big calls right – whether on Brexit, vaccine rollout, lifting lockdown – while the Labour Party has criticised and carped from the sidelines and if it were up to them we’d still be in lockdown.
“We cannot waste any more time, so now Boris has to show that his apology means something and instigate the changes in how No.10 operates, alongside returning his 100% focus to peoples’ priorities – stopping illegal immigration, tackling the cost of living and levelling up across the country.”