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Friends of Redcar celebrate 6 years of cleaning up Redcar

FRED, who are celebrating their 6th year as an active environmental and community group throughout Redcar but most commonly known for their work on the sea front met at Majuba beach to litter pick the dune area and hunt for micro-plastics (nurdles).

Before the event Coatham Councillor Carl Quartermain gave a talk about nurdles to forty volunteers on Majuba beach.

“Nurdles are part of the plastic production in its earliest form, other types are powder and sheets. These micro-plastics are formed from oil into beads for ease of transportation and process and thereafter distributed across the world to industries and manufacturers that turn them into the millions of everyday products we have become so reliant on

“They are a primary micro-plastic and pollutant and have been produced for decades. They have found their way into the soil, the water courses, the oceans, and of course onto our beaches. Yet they are barely noticeable and you’d be forgiven to mistake them with grit, shell, pebbles and sand.

“The issue with this form of plastic are that they become coated with bacteria and micro-organism which make them appear as food to marine life and birds, thus entering our food chain. They also attract pollutants that are toxic.”

Speaking to local radio he later added, “On Sunday we were joined by young families, children from local schools and the elderly and we collected over a thousand nurdles in a very small controlled area of the beach in just an hour. These micro-plastics will be found along all our coastlines and in our oceans. You only have to take a sieve and plunge it anywhere on the beach to find these plastics. The first worldwide nurdle hunt took place in March and of the beaches sampled, 88% were found to have these beads on them.”

If you would like to be more involved with FRED and the work they are doing to improve our environment and aesthetic in Redcar contact them at and find them on fb and twitter @friendsofredcar