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Children must be kept in isolation following Covid detection at Whale Hill Primary School

SOME children and teachers at Whale Hill Primary School in the Eston area have been sent home after Covid-19 was detected in a number of staff.

The school remains open as normal for nursery, reception and most of the Year 5 children.

However, many of the children in the other year groups must now isolate for ten days as a legal requirement after Covid testing showed some positive results. That means the children have to stay at home for the full ten days.

Headteacher Melanie Mellor said: “The last thing we want to do is send our children home, but the safety and health of all our children and our colleagues must always come first.

“We’ve been in direct contact with parents and carers to offer clear guidance on isolating. We know it can be hard but we’ve had a good response overall and the vast majority know we all have to keep working together to keep Covid under control.

“We’re taking all the rules extremely seriously here and have rigorous risk assessments in place which is what our parents would expect. We’ll continue to be vigilant so we can get our children back, safe and healthy at school as soon as possible.”

It is important that parents and carers of all schoolchildren test regularly. Government guidance stresses the importance of hand washing, maintaining social distance and wearing a mask when required to keep the virus under control.

NHS guidance on isolating due to Covid is available at