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British Steel Support Group in Doncaster this morning,

Following a meeting of the British Steel Support Group in Doncaster this morning, Labour and Co-operative MP for Redcar, Anna Turley, said:

“As another week passes by people will understandably be wondering how the process of securing a future for British Steel is going. The Official Receiver and government continue to work with those companies who are bidding to purchase and they are confidently optimistic about the bids they are developing. No cliff edge has been set for completion of this as everyone recognises it is better to take time and get this right.

“The workforce continue to perform exceptionally through this challenging time and deserve huge credit for their service to their industry. The focus remains on maintaining good continuity of supply chains so that the order book can continue to be filled. Contingency plans have been being developed since the beginning of this process but this is without the expectation of needing them

“At the meeting this week we discussed the importance of the UK Steel charter which commits government departments, agencies and businesses to use British Steel. Many are making that commitment and more will be encouraged to do so. We also talked about the importance of research and development, including the Materials Processing Institute in South Bank, which is vital if the industry is to remain world leading. Two thirds of the steel we make in Britain today didn’t exist 15 years ago, so we have to keep innovating and it needs government backing.

“I pay tribute once again to Secretary of State Greg Clark for his commitment to supporting British Steel through this challenge, and I will be looking to the new Prime Minister to make an early statement this week showing his support for seeing this process through to a successful result for our steel communities and our country.”