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A local Redcar and Cleveland Councillor is calling for the reopening of Warrenby Waste Centre and is asking the public for support

A local Redcar and Cleveland Councillor is calling for the reopening of Warrenby Waste Centre and is asking the public for support. Here is his recent social media post.

Can you help? I have decided not to start a petition, as I do not want to be working against other Councillors or council officers but with them. I just need them to understand the strength of public feeling on this Can you agree to add your name to this letter to the council? If so, Email me at, or simply put yes in the comments. If you do Email me I will keep you in the loop with all developments.

To Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council,

It is my belief that the closure of the Warrenby Waste Centre has had a direct effect on the impact fly tipping is having on our area and also decreasing rates of recycling in the borough. During my time as lead member I asked the council to revisit this and work towards the reopening of the Warrenby Waste Centre. A senior officer had agreed that maybe the decision was hasty and that in fact they would have not closed the centre if they had been in post at the time.

After May’s election I am still a borough Councillor, however I am no longer part of the controlling administration. At the full council meeting (18.07.19), I asked the new leader member for Neighborhoods this question:

“The rate of recycling reducing and fly tipping increasing is extremely concerning at a time when we are committed to fighting climate change, single use plastics and making our borough a more attractive place for all.
With this in mind, I started a conversation earlier in the year regarding reopening the Warrenby Waste Centre.
Will the lead member make a commitment to continuing this and agree with a meeting with myself and senior officers to look at a business case for this?”

I was delighted to hear that he would be happy to meet with myself and senior officers to discuss this as a possibility. I will work with any of the Councillors of any party for the betterment of our borough, already I know the Councillors in my party agree with my stance and support it.

Hopefully, we can all agree that the area would improve with the reopening of the centre. I acknowledge that the council at the time made the wrong decision, unfortunately I was not a Councillor at this time to have disagreed with it. I am confident the public share my thoughts on this matter and as you can see below from the number of signatures from Redcar and Cleveland residents that many believe it should be reopened.

I look forward to working with you to develop this business case and have the centre reopened, and I thank you in advance for your consideration on this matter.

Kind Regards,

Cllr Alec Brown

Dormanstown Councillor and Labour Group Deputy Leader.

We the undersigned believe the reopening of Warrenby Waste Centre would have a direct positive impact on fly tipping across our borough: