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East Redcar 48 hour dispersal order over the weekend. Is your street included?

Police have put a dispersal order in place for the weekend in East Redcar. is your road included?

As a result of calls in the area of Dover Close, Turners Mill and Holyhead Drive area, a dispersal order has been authorised starting at 3pm today for a period of 48 hours.

The order is to give officers and PCSOs the power to disperse someone from an area if they have been or believed are likely to engage in anti-social behaviour. If they fail to leave the area or return within the period they can then be arrested.

The area covered in this order is within area surrounded by Redcar Lane,

  • Greenstones Road,
  • Brackenberry Crescent,
  • The Strand,
  • The train line and the footpath leading from the train line back to Redcar Lane.

We want to assist concerned local residents hence taking this decision.

To support this order the Streetz Outreach team are in the area for any youths wanting to engage in positive activities.