Mam is proud of racist graffiti cleaning son in Redcar

Tracey Rowland has told Redcar Blog that she is extremely “proud” of her son Brandon Rowland. Who on finishing a 12 hour shift as a care support worker at The Priory, took his dog out for a walk on Monday night and spotted some racist graffiti on the sea defence wall on Redcar seafront. Brandon became very angry and decided to remove the offensive graffiti immediately.

She went on to say, “Brandon is a great lad, he has Muslim family members and on seeing the graffiti did not want any children seeing the offensive comments. I am very proud of him”

Many have already paid tribute to Brandon’s efforts via social media. With comments, such as:

“Brandon, another true unsung her. Thank you”

“Brandon, you are just amazing”

At this stage, it is too early to know if the culprit of the graffiti has been identified, however we know that the council have been notified. Both councillors Quartermain and King, have suggested a public thank you for Brandon.

Councillor Carl Quartermain went on to say,

“I would personally like to thank Brandon Rowland. It is his action that speaks loudest and which gives us all hope in a society being led by extremes, who provoke these uneducated, moronic and hostile feelings within our community. 

“I have reported this graffiti to our neighbourhood team to ensure the graffiti is cleaned fully. I have also reported to our CCTV team to check times and the routes in and out. If we catch who did this, we will prosecute them. We will not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind in this town and borough. Brandon’s action is to be commended. Someone who cares about everyone within our community and his home, Redcar. Thank you, Brandon.”

The abusive graffiti before Brandon had set to work on it:

If you have any information on who may have added the graffiti, please contact Redcar and Cleveland Council on 01642 774774 or Cleveland Police via 101

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